Best Camping Toilet Paper ever

From $2.95


These are the most convenient way to carry toilet paper with you into the woods!  Simply wet them with a few drops of water from dew, your water bottle, where-ever and they “uncompressed” to a tough usable towelette that can be folded on itself for several “wipes” during one “sitting”.  They even come in a closable carrying tube! and with 10 per tube you’ll have a weeks worth of toilet paper with just one tube that’s about the diameter of a nickle!

Keep your hands, body, and personal areas cleaner and more hygienic with these compressed towels designed for the on-the-go lifestyle! Whether you’re an avid camper, love taking your kids to the park, or get a little messy in the garage, you need to keep your hands and personal areas clean, so you can feel comfortable and confident. Our Compressed Towelettes are 27% thicker when reactivated than others on the market so”tear-throughs” are eliminated.

They also are great for other uses and provide a smart, efficient, and portable way to wipe, clean or wash your hands and body no matter where you’re at! They are even Hypoallergenic.  These portable and biodegradable coin towels easily fit in a pocket, backpack, diaper bag, or survival pack, so you always have a clean, odor-free wipe available when you need them most.

Quantity: 10 compresses tablets per tube (1 weeks worth of toilet pape
Tube Size: 4.75″ long x 7/8″ diameter (about the size of a nickle in diameter)
Compressed Size: 0.81″ diameter x 0.375″ thick
Uncompressed Size: 9.5″ x 9.5″


Price:$2.95 for 1 tube / $10.95 for 4 tubes / $24.95 for 10 tubes