Learn Bee Keeping Basics (in the City or Country)



Many people think you need to be on a farm or in the country to keep honey bees.
All you need is a lot 50′ x 100′ and some basic knowledge and you can be harvesting fresh, pure honey, bees wax, pollen for your family, and friends  or sell your excess honey as a part-time business.
No prior experience or “Bee” knowledge is necessary.

Class Dates: Saturday July 20, 2024
Class Length: 1 day (9 AM – 5 PM)
Price: $125
Class Location:
1721 E. Sprague Rd., Seven Hills, Ohio 44131


This is complete class to learn how to start and maintain your own bee colony in your backyard regardless if you live in the city or country.  With minimal time investment (less than 4 hours per month on average) you can not only harvest all of these bee products but also increase the yield of your garden from the additional pollination the bees will perform.

Topics to be covered are:

  • What equipment to get, where to get it, and how to use it
  • Why keep bees?
  • Bees and the history of beekeeping
  • How bees make honey
  • Parts of a bee hive
  • Tools and clothing  (hands-on)
  • Building a hive
  • Putting together honey frames
  • Placement of a hive
  • How to ordering bees
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Management
  • Setting up a colony
  • How to handle bees without fear of being stung
  • The effect of weather
  • How to take honey off the hive (harvesting your honey)
  • Judging honey quality
  • Selling your honey
  • Preventing swarms
  • Pests and Diseases of the honey bee (and what to do about them)
  • How to get maximum honey production
  • Moving and combining hives
  • Releasing a Queen Catching and installing a swarm (Free Bees!) We will use various demonstrations and hands-on activities as well as video tapes and a text book (purchase optional) to insure that this will be a comprehensive class. Our object is to give you the knowledge and confidence to start and manage your own apiary (bee colony). At the conclusion of the class, all you will need to do is to place 2 phone calls – one to order your bees and the second to order a hive and accessories (we will provide you with a list).