The Aniol (MNSI’s “BIG” Chopper)

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Aniol_in_HandThe Aniol (pronounced “On – yo”) is our “BIG CHOPPER”.  Made of O1 Tool Steel and hardened to a 56-57, this knife is all you’ll need to do every job from splitting pieces of firewood to killing a wild boar.

This knife was also designed by Tom Laskowski with the purpose of being carried when an ax is unnecessary but a small knife is not big enough.  Its slight “drop tip” design was developed from the martial art theory of “punching through an oponnent”.  The tip of the blade hits before the user expects to make contact thus causing them to chop further through the target, yielding more power with each hit.


  • Blade size: 8 3/4″ total length / 3 1/2″ inch width  (A BIG blade for BIG jobs))
  • Total weight of 5.9 oz (Heavy enough to melt through wood but light enough not to be “heavy”)
  • Blade and Handle designed to stop vibrations (Eliminates your hand from going numb if chopping a long time)
  • Full Tang  (Blade will not break if if used for prying)
  • Blade made from “01” High Carbon Tool Steel  (Easy and fast re-sharpening)
  • Blade steel heat treated to 56-57 Rockwell hardness (Flexible enough not to break and hard enough to last)
  • Flat Grind on edge  (Makes field sharpening simply)
  • 4 rivets in the handle  (Exceptional strength and durability)
  • Grooved Thumb Ramp  (Non-slip contact for delicate work or for applying pressure when cutting)
  • Lanyard hole (Allows you to attach a wrist strap)
  • Rear Pommel (provides a flat surface for pounding)
  • Anvil forged into top of of blade for batoning (Split fire wood with ease)
  • Front Rivet Lashing Hole (Lash knife to a stick to use as a spear)
  • Choice of handle materials:
    • Black Micarta – Extremely durable
    • Maple – Natural look with hard wood durability
  • Ergonomic handle design  (Fits small and large hands comfortably)
  • Choice of sheaths  (Customize the carrying “look” of your knife)
  • Personalize your knife (Have your personal signature to the laser engraved handle or put a photo to the blade)
  • Serial Numbered series available  (Adds value to the knife for resale)