2 Day Workshop with author “Ray Reitze”




Class Length: 2 days (Friday morning  – Saturday evening)
Class Size Limit: 15

Class Dates:  June 1 & 2, 2018  (Friday and Saturday)      

Price: $195
Meal Contribution: $10
Total Class cost: 

Prerequisites: None

Class Location: 1721 E. Sprague Rd.
Seven Hills, Ohio 44131 (10 miles south of Cleveland)


Join Ray, Master Maine Guide, author of “And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land, and subject of the film “Guided” (produced by Bridget Beshaw), for a spiritual based teaching.  Ray will be using his book as a starting point for the format of the workshop and expand on this content to use its talking points to sharpen your ability to see the world and to hear your heart so that these skills may guide you through life.

Ray will use open discussion and guided meditations to quiet the mind and awaken awareness. You will spend time investigating questions such as what the roots of our emotions are, how we can act from love instead of fear, and what stops us from living our dreams. Through meditation, observation, discussion and Ray’s humorous stories we come to understand the source of our troubles and why people act as they do. This understanding and awareness helps us to strip away judgment and fear so we may follow our hearts with confidence and peace. Throughout this session we draw upon the wisdom and stillness of nature. Time is spent in quiet contemplation as well as in active pursuits. You will leave this experience with a new found stillness of mind, appreciation for the earth, and clarity of purpose.

Class will begin on Friday morning at 9 AM and end at 6 PM Saturday evening.

Since the class will be held at our home in Seven Hills you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and grab a piece of floor in our Family Room for your overnight accommodations.  For a little more privacy you can bring a tent and camp out in the back yard if you prefer.There are a number of local motels/hotels as well as a few Bed and Breakfasts in the area as a third option.

We plan on serving you a light lunch on Friday, dinner on Friday night and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

Bring a light blanket if you get chilled, comfortable clothes, notebook or tape recorder if you’d like and an open mind.


If you would like a copy of Ray’s Book before the class you can order it here and it will be sent to you

Order my copy of Ray’s Book

Bring it to class and have the author sign it for you!