Mead Wine Recipe (Brad’s Favorite)

Ingredients for 1 gallon:

  • 4 pounds clover honey
  • 1 pound frozen raspberry
  • 1 pound frozen blackberry
  • 1 package of Lalvin K1 V1116 yeast
  • Spring or distilled water to fill to 1 gallon


  1. Thaw both berry’s
  2. Put yeast in warm water to activate
  3. Put the berrys in a pan with a little water and heat on low and mash berry’s
  4. While heating berrys put honey and water in carboy to fill half way
  5. Shake carboy to dissolve honey in water
  6. Add berrys to carboy
  7. Shake carboy
  8. Fill carboy with water to 1 gallon just leave room for head space
  9. Shake carboy
  10. Put yeast in carboy and lightly shake
  11. Put on airlock
  12. Let sit undisturbed for 3 weeks
  13. Wait for fermentation to stop
  14. Rack wine to remove wine from sediment on the bottom.
  15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 if a clearer wine is desired
  16. Bottle and enjoy.