Homesteading Sausage, Butter, Pickles and Vinegar


Sausage Making  (Thursday 9 AM – Noon)

 Stand-alone Workshop Price: $50 (plus a $15 supply fee)

Take control over what ingredients are in your families food by learning to make your own sausage.

Making sausage at home is one of those lost arts that really is not so difficult as it sounds. At its core, a sausage is simply ground meat and fat, salt, and flavorings. It really is not much more involved than grinding your own hamburger; you don’t even have to stuff it into links if you don’t want to.  You will learn how the flavor of a well-made link surpasses the sum of its parts, and a truly great sausage is fit to be served as a main course at a fancy dinner.  Topics to be covered are:

– Selection of meat
– Fat to lean ratio
– Spice blending
– Mixing and blending technique
– Selection, handling, and storage of sausage casing
– Stuffing techniques

Other points of Interest that will be covered:

– Binding Agents
– Oxidation and Spoilage
– Shelf life
– Natural Nitrites vs. Manufactured  Nitrites  – Chemical additives, natural preservatives
– Cleaning and caring for equipment
– Safe working temperatures


Butter, Vinegar and Pickle Making   (Thursday 1PM to 4 PM)

Stand-alone Workshop Price: $50 (plus a $10 supply fee)

In just 3 hours you can gain the knowledge to make your own home-made butter, pickles and vinegar.

  • Make artisan butters like Honey Butter and Herb Infused Butters that will start a new holiday tradition for your family
  • Home-made vinegar has been a staple to every family in the past and now you can make your own “family brand”  We will show you how to even make Apple Cider Vinegar that has an array of health benefits including easy weight loss!
  • Image your neighbors and friends asking “when will you be making your fantastic pickles this year” While the technique is easy the result will be “award winning”, good enough to enter in your local county fair for a Blue Ribbon!