Great Flashlights

Four Sevens Mark II Turbo



It’s a simple little knurled aluminum tube that you twist to turn on. But making such a simple, small package do what you want gets a little complicated. 

The only user interface is through that twist-on head. Twist it off to access the battery, and tighten it or loosen it to turn the light on and off. Quickly switching the light on and off allows you to switch between a variety of modes. The user interface works like this: 

  • Config. 1: High
  • Config. 2: High – Low 
  • Config. 3: High – Strobe
  • Config. 4: Low – Med – High – Strobe
  • Config. 5: Low – Med – High – Strobe – SOS – Beacon (hi) – Beacon (lo)
  • Config. 6: Low – Med – High – Moonlight

To change between configurations, you need to rapidly twist the light on and off in quick succession, 10 times, then the light will flash a correspondent number as it cycles through the modes. Just twist again to select which one you want. There’s also special strobe, SOS, and beacon modes, which can be accessed through further twisting.