First Aid Salve



  • 1/8 C Plantain leaves (bruised and torn by hand)
  • 1/8 C Yarrow stems and leaves (bruised and torn by hand)
  • 1/8 C Jewelweed stalks (diced with a knife as small as possible
  • 1/8 C Chickweed stem and leaves (bruised and torn by hand)
  • 30 drops of Vitamin E oil
  • 3/4 oz of bees wax
  • 6 oz Olive Oil
  • Thermometer
  • Strainer
  • 2 small pots


  1. Place all prepared plants in a small pot
  2. Add Olive Oil and place pot on LOW heat.
  3. Place the thermometer in the oil in the pot and WATCH THE TEMPERATURE CAREFULLY, when the oil reaches 120 F take the pot off the heat.
  4. Keep the temperature of the olive oil as close to 120 F as possible for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 60 minutes by returning and removing the pot from the heat source.
  5. After at least 30 minutes but no longer than 60 minutes pour the olive oil through the strainer to remove the plants.  Discard the plant material
  6. In another small pot melt the bees wax.
  7. When melted, pour the liquid bees wax into the pot with the strainer olive oil.  Some of the bees wax may re solidify as you combine the two.  If it does simply return the the olive oil/bees wax mixture to the low heat and constantly stir until all the bees wax returns to a liquid state.
  8. Add the Vitamin E Oil
  9. Pour the liquid salve into small jars AND LABEL with  the date and the words “First Aid Salve”

This salve is great to put on cuts, burns, skin irritations (such as poison ivy or poison oak rashes) or any type of skin condition where fast healing is desired.  It will retain its full effectiveness 2 years from the date made without refrigeration.