Directions to Parking Area

Directions to Parking Area


  • Drive back up the driveway to the main road (Broadview Rd.) and turn RIGHT (south)
  • Continue south on Broadview Rd. for 7/8 mile (4,500 ft) to Rt. 303 and turn RIGHT (west)
  • Continue west on Rt. 303 for 1.5 miles (7,700 ft.) to Oviatt Rd (on right)
  • Turn RIGHT (north) onto Oviatt Rd.
  • Continue north on Oviatt Rd for 3/8 mile (2000 ft) to 4225 Oviatt Rd.
  • There will be a gate at that address on your right.  Pull up to the gate and put in the gate code of 3698 into the keypad on the left.
  • Park you car in the parking lot.

GPS Coordinates of parking lot: 
41º 14.7093 N
81º 40.9502 W


To Walk to the Base Camp from the Parking Lot…
  • On the right side of the parking lot (southeast corner) is a path/dirt car trail.  Walk down that path, past the horse barns that will be on your right, past a small field on your right and keep walking straight ahead into the woods.  In about 500 ft the path will dead-end into a “T” —  GO LEFT

  • Keep walking down this trail for  about 1,000 ft to our Base Camp
GPS Coordinates of the Base Camp is: 
41º 14.7854 N
81º 40.8130 W