Coltsfoot Cough Drops & Cough Syrup


  • 2 c of water infused with the following herbs
    • 1/8 C Coltsfoot – dry (1/4 C fresh)
    • 1 t Cinnamon
    • 1 T Elderberry (2 T fresh)
    • 1 T Chamomile  (2 T fresh)
    • 1/8 C  Slippery Elm root
    • 2 C Sugar
  • Candy thermometer
  • Medium size sauce pan
  • Horehound flavoring (optional)
  • Silicon candy molds (optional)


  1. Boil 2 cups of water and infuse with desired herbs.
  2. Pour 1 cup of the herb infused water and 1.5 cups of honey into a medium saucepan and turn on medium high heat. (save the extra liquid and mix with equal parts raw honey for a simple cough syrup)
  3. Stir the honey/herb mixture over medium high heat until it reaches 300 degrees. *See note below for additional information
  4. Add 5 drops Horehound flavoring at this point if desired
  5. Pour into candy molds, or pour into a large baking sheet that has been greased with coconut oil or that has a silicon baking mat on it.
  6. Let cool until it can be touched and molded and immediately and quickly form into lozenges with your hands (you might need help to do this quickly enough).
  7. Put finished cough drops/lozenges on a silicon mat or piece of parchment paper to cool.
  8. When completely cool, I toss in a mixture of powdered slippery elm and/or Stevia to keep from getting sticky in humidity.
  9. Use as needed for coughing, congestion or sore throat.

*Note: If you don’t have a candy thermometer, this usually takes about 30 minutes and can be tested by dropping a drop of the mixture in to ice water to see if it immediately hardens. It should harden to the point that it breaks if dropped on the counter. You can also tell because the mixture will start to foam and separate. At this point, it is vital to remove it from the heat quickly so it does not burn.