Can I use my cell phone at class?

Well…..its your class and your paying me to teach you survival skills so I don’t feel its my place to tell you what you can and can’t do…HOWEVER from my past experience and feedback from other students I will tell you that your experience will be much better and totally different if you DO NOT use your cell phone AT ALL during the class. The Survival Class draws your mind into an adaptive, creative state and when you use your cell phone that “spell” is broken. Think of it like when your eyes adapt to the dark…one bright flash of white light and your night vision is lost and will take some time to be regained. One call on your cellphone and that “survival mind set” is lost foe a while.

If you do use your cell phone during class I ask thqt you do o in your tent or caar so that the other student in class do not see you. Please respect their decison to be inmersed in only “primitive skills for the week.