Bone Healing Salve (Broken or Bruised)


  • 4 oz. Dried Comfrey leaves (or 2 oz Comfrey leaves and 2 oz. Comfrey roots) finely chopped
  • 4 oz dried Arnica flowers
  • 8 oz of St. Johns Wort Infused Oil (Wheat Germ Oil or Sweet Almond Oil can used as the base for this infused oil)
  • 30 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Myrrh Essential Oil (traditional uses for wound healing and calming of spirit)
  • 20 drops Lavender Essential Oil (contains high levels of Linnalols which are known to calm tension, agitation, and nerve pain)
  • 20 drops of Turmeric Essential oil
  • 40 drops Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil (a superior anti-inflammatory in traditional medicine)
  • 3/4 oz. bees wax
  • 1 T Vitamin E Oil


  1. Place Comfrey and Arnica in a clear jar.
  2. Pour enough olive oil for just cover he dried plants and screw on tight fitting lid
  3. Place in a north facing window and leave for 6 weeks, sharking at least once per day
  4. After 6 weeks strain out the solids to leave an infused olive oil
  5. Add essential oils
  6. Add Vitamin E Oil
  7. Melt beeswax in another pot while warming the Olive oil to 130 F
  8. Combine beeswax and Olive Oil
  9. If the bees wax solidifies as it is being combined keep on low heat until all of the beeswas is melted.
  10. Pour into individual containers , date and label.

Note: You may stop at Step #6 if an oil (instead of a salve) is desired)