Boil Cover/Strainer for GI Canteen Cup (Stainless Steel)

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Boil_Cover_and_CupNow increase the efficiency of boiling water or making soup in your canteen cup with this stainless steel “boil cover”, complete with a built in strainer to those meals when you make pasta.

Benefits of the Boil Cover:

  • Saves Fuel (water boils faster)
  • Keeps debris out of the cup while cooking
  • Built-in strainer (great for straining pasta or rice when making a meal in  your cup)
  • Enhances cooking capabilities (easier to simmer rice and re-hydrate food)
  • Polished underside for signaling (two uses for a single item)
  • Fits all US Canteen Cup
  • Stainless steel construction (will last a lifetime)
  • Convenient Lifting Ring to remove lid (no more burnt fingers )
Stainless Boil Cover vs Rubber Boil Lid



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